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Our people work hard to achieve great results for our clients and candidates. Whether it's that early morning meeting to catch someone before work or the late night call from a busy client to take feedback on their interviews that day, we recognise that recruitment isn't always (ok, ever!) a 9 to 5 job.

We therefore try to create some balance for our team by taking time to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

We acknowledge individual high performance through a variety of incentives. As for team success, we do quarterly team lunches out, and don't worry if you over indulge, there's no need to get back to the office - you can have the afternoon on us!

If you are over your target for the year, you will be invited to Certus Recruitment’s Global getaway. Previous destinations have included Malta, Portugal and Las Vegas. This is a fantastic way to celebrate a brilliant year of performance but also to meet your other high fliers from the rest of the Global team.

Additional celebrations include, ad-hoc team outings, Monthly Dan’s Donuts, Ad-hoc team coffee and more.

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