office and coffee shop

We pride ourselves on providing an open, creative and vibrant working space for our employees.

Based at 530 Collins St, we have a state of the art offices in the heart of Melbourne CBD. Access to fantastic “end of trip” facilities, shared fully stocked kitchen, balcony area for outside breaks and much more. Not to mention an awesome coffee shop on our floor!

We have our own private office space but are also able to make use of the variations shared space options on the floor. The tools that we provide to our consultants are state of the art, best of breed technology applications ready to be used anywhere enabling our team to make the most of the different work spaces provided. Want to do some work whilst sat on a sofa, no problem. Want to have a private sound proof room for confidential conversations, no problem. Want to work outside because the weather is awesome, no problem. The reality is that we have a very collaborative team who gain huge benefit from working closely with one another in our dedicated space, you'll probably want to be in amongst it for the most part anyway to share in the fun!

Did we mention the coffee shop, one of Melbourne's best in our opinion…on our floor!?


That’s the physical environment, what about the working dynamic?

We have worked hard to create an accountable and supportive culture that aims to get the best out of each individual, no matter what stage of your recruitment career you are at. We pride ourselves on having clear and tangible objectives, that are regularly discussed and focused on by all ensuring each individual understands where they are against their plan. Work life balance is of great importance to us, if you want to stay late to do work, that is completely fine, as long as it is work that will contribute to your success. What we can guarantee is that there will be no pressure from us to do so. What we will do is provide you with the support and training you require in order to achieve all your objectives within a standard work day.

We value difference, we have consultants from all over the globe and a healthy dynamic of 50:50 gender diversity in the team. We genuinely believe this enables us to better service our Clients and our Candidates, allowing us to better relate to wider range of people.

We live by our values day to day – Passion, Energy, Integrity, Commitment and Fun. This comes through for our candidates and clients and also for our employees.

Certus Australia is making a real impact in the recruitment market and provides a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something genuinely different and part of a growing dynamic environment.

​To find out more about working at Certus Recruitment Australia give us a call or email