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Our Process

At Certus Recruitment Group we are highly confident in our ability to provide a bespoke, specialist recruitment service that adds real value to your organisation. It is our belief that a true recruitment service is not about filling a vacancy, rather it is identifying the right candidate who, due to both experience and cultural alignment, goes on to significantly contribute to the attainment of your organisations goals.

Whilst we can be incredibly flexible in the way we work with you and your business, regardless of the service you choose, our success is determined by the implementation of the following core service attributes.



We believe that in order to understand the requirements of your company we need to have met with those responsible for the recruitment and management of the specific function into which we are recruiting. This enables us to:

  • Understand your company and its position within its market

  • Understand what you are trying to achieve and where you have been successful

  • Identify where you believe improvements could be made and what needs to be done to maximise opportunity and/or ensure the success of the project

  • Understand the culture of your business and the personal characteristics most indicative of success


Having gained a comprehensive understanding of your company and the position you are looking to recruit, our specialist consultants will implement our candidate resourcing process, which is unique to Certus and ensures consistency for our clients and speed of response.

Firstly, the details of the vacancy are passed to our Resource Manager, who is responsible for writing all advertising and placing those adverts in the appropriate advertising mediums, ranging from job boards to social media and industry specific forums.

Secondly (and concurrently!), your consultant will create and implement a proactive search and direct approach plan, designed to target passive candidates (those not necessarily looking for a job) who may be suited to your role.


​Having completed the initial shortlisting and telescreening of potential candidates, we commence the formal interview process. Our consultants conduct formal competency and personality based interviews that investigate the candidates’ education and career to date, whilst identifying their individual skill set and capability. We do not simply 'register' candidates.

Having determined that a candidate meets the minimum requirement, we brief them on your business and the role. Only once the candidate has confirmed their interest and given us their authority do we proceed to introducing them to your business.


​We are highly confident in our ability to provide a sourcing and recruitment service that adds real value to your organisation. This is why we provide a guarantee on all of our permanent recruitment services for all of our clients. The period and level of the guarantee is related to the recruitment service we are providing, the nature of the role we are recruiting for and various other factors which we will discuss and agree with you prior to commencing the recruitment exercise.

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