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Training & Consultancy

Beyond recruitment, we provide a range of additional services designed to help our clients get the best from their people. These services are delivered using a combination of in-house talent and carefully picked service providers with whom we’ve had long and fruitful relationships.

The service you require will depend on your unique circumstances. Our training and consultancy services are outlined below.


You’ve sourced the talent, made a decision and decided on a new appointment. You want to get real results from the new appointee as soon as possible and ensure you get the best return on your investment.

We can design and implement a proven 'on boarding' process that supports your new employees during their first months, ensuring better results for you.  Using face-to-face meetings with you and the employee, we help to embed the new employee, to obtain early performance and to allow them to feedback concerns or difficulties in a constructive and positive manner.


What really makes a person good for your organisation?  

We truly understand what makes people good at what they do, because finding the right person for the right job means higher performance, increased engagement, quicker time-to-productivity and lower staff turnover. By including an objective assessment within your recruitment process, the likelihood of post hire success is increased significantly.

What makes good employees good? By helping you identify and define the key behavioural traits of your existing successful employees and combining this with an assessment tool which analyses candidates against those traits of success, we can greatly improve the outcome of any recruitment exercise.


At Certus Recruitment Australia we work with a select group of training partners who are able to deliver everything from a day’s sales training for junior staff through to an ongoing development program for senior management.

By using our preferred partners our clients benefit from using proven training providers chosen for their individual strengths as trainers.

Contact us for more information and we’d be delighted to assist you in selecting the right training partner for your business.

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We can help with interviewer training, hiring and recruitment strategy and with setting up a quality on boarding process

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