Contract Services

Contract Services

The need for a flexible workforce is great than ever. The cost of employing permanent employees and related compliance issues are ever more complicated as is the ease with which a company can downsize when required.

The situation with Covid during 2020 has highlighted the benefit of being able to react quickly to market conditions quickly and with minimal costs.

Further, large projects such as digitalisation or large implementations require the services of specialised talent for finite periods, with the need for that talent exhausted once the project is complete.

And then there is the contractor side. Many people are embracing the ability to work flexibly, taking contracts when required but also being able to take longer breaks, for study or the achievement of life objectives, without feeling their career is penalised as a result.

Thus, the need for contract services is great than ever.

At Certus Recruitment, our contract team can assist with everything from a single short term developer, to cover an absence in the permanent team, through to resourcing an entire program, consisting of multiple teams.

We supply talent across the technological spectrum including:

Dev Ops – Cloud/AWS
Dev Security Ops
BI/ Data Analytics
Data Science
Data Governance

Systems Engineers/Administrators
Database Administrator’s
Project Managers / Agile
Project Services
Program Managers
Business Analysts

Information Management
Networks/Connectivity Developers (across all technologies)
Marketing / Salesforce

Contractor Management

You need to be able to depend on your recruitment partner when it comes to managing your contractors. Contractors need to be focussed on delivering the project, not whether they are being paid and how their status has been determined.

At Certus Recruitment we use best of breed technologies and market-leading partners to deliver an outstanding service to all our contractors, regardless of their level or length of contract. Our onboarding system is flawless and our cloud-based contractor management system enables seamless time sheeting at the click of a button.

Our Contractor Management team ensure any issues are dealt with promptly and that our contractors feel part of the Certus team and valued for their contribution.

We believe in fair rates for our contractors (in line with current market variations), fair charge rates for our clients and fair margins for our work. You will never feel uncertain of where your budget has gone and you will always be impressed with the specialised talent we are able to attract on your behalf.

Certus Recruitment Australia are fully approved by the Labour Hire Authority as a provider of Labour Hire Services.

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  • ​"Xactly is delighted to be working with Certus. They have been professional and friendly with a fun approach to recruitment, where you really feel like you are important to their business. They helped us understand the differences between hiring in Australia vs the rest of the world and managed to help guide us through the process; as well as operating across global time zones, offering flexibility to interact outside of traditional working hours. They have shown the capability to work across levels, helping us attract Enterprise BDMs, Commercial Account Executives and an SDRs. Cultural fit is of huge importance to us, Justin, Ben and Adam all demonstrated that they clearly understood out culture and the type of people we want to attract to help grow our business. This resulted in the new employees coming aboard of very high quality. We look forward to partnering with Certus more and more as our business grows."​​

    Managing Director APAC
    Steve Blunt
    Steve Blunt , Xactly Corporation
  • ​Ben was one of the best recruiters I've had the pleasure to work with, he was very diligent in all of his follow-ups and ensured that the recruitment process was professional and as straight forward as possible. All whilst acting with authenticity and integrity!

    Peter De la Harpe
    Peter De la Harpe , Placed Candidate
  • “I wasn’t actively looking for a job when Charlotte from Certus reached out to me for a possible opportunity. Charlotte is a known and reputable Workday recruiter. She was able to explain (and convince) how good the opportunity is for me and my career. I gave it a go and went ahead for an interview. I got the offer in less than a week. The recruitment process was seamless and communication was timely. Overall, I’m very satisfied with how the whole process was carried out and most specially, I’m very happy with the outcome. I believe Charlotte will always have your best interests at heart.”​

    Recently Placed Candidate
  • ​“I wanted to thank you, in addition, for your support. Working with Charlotte Schmidt has been a pleasure, she was hardworking and focused for the duration of the campaign and we couldn't have received the outcome we did without her dedicated and tenacious approach. Charlotte partnered with us, understood the brief and continued to search to find the right skillset within a candidate short market and a tough remuneration range. We are delighted to have our in house WD team now complete.”

    HRIS Manager
    Alison Cash
    Alison Cash , The Salvation Army