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Post Funding Growth

The days of 10% annual growth are well and truly gone. With a myriad of Private Equity and Venture Capital firms fighting to invest in the next big thing, the availability of growth capital is unlike any previous time.

And Australia is producing more than its fair share of global leaders. The combination of an educated population, the Aussie ‘can do’ spirit and the collaborative approach shared by so many tech hubs and seed ventures means the Australian Tech Investment market remains strong.

With funding comes growth objectives and they are often aggressive!

The ability to scale after a funding event is crucial to success and will determine the availability of further funding or even the future viability of the business.

Success is determined by two key factors – developing phenomenal products and taking them to market. Therefore, the development and implementation of a sound recruitment strategy is essential.

At Certus Recruitment Australia we understand the Technology sector. Part of a global recruitment group, we have helped hundreds of businesses navigate a growth pathway, in sectors including:

  • Martech

  • Fintech

  • SaaS/Software

  • AI & Machine Learning

  • Data & Analytics


Certus Recruitment Australia can help you determine and define your human capital growth plan. We advise on role definition and team structure including any gaps in youtr leadership team. We can assist in determining compensation schemes and can advise on the availability of talent and how best to attract it.

The extent of our involvement will depend on where you are in your journey and the strength and size of your existing team. Whatever the gap, we can fill it.

Recruitment Process

One of the biggest challenges faced by high growth businesses is finding time. It takes time to recruit great people and more often than not that time is near impossible to find.

Further, a team of great technologists don’t always have experience in creating and managing a sound recruitment process.

The combination of other pressures and unclear process can lead to delays or the need for extra interview stages, all of which can have a significant and negative impact on candidate experience.

The creation of a well managed and structured recruitment process for each role required is crucial. We will help create a recruitment process that is efficient and time effective and one that candidates will enjoy, maximising your ability to hire the best talent.

A great recruitment process can include the use of testing, group interviewing, video interviewing and other assessment tools may also improve the likelihood of success, if managed correctly.

In the current climate, the strongest candidates are a highly sort commodity. By making every touchpoint, from their initial review of the company linkedIn page through to how efficiently the interview process is managed, from the detail of the job description to their experience arriving in reception for interview, we can control and affect the process in a way that maximises your opportunity for success.

Flexible Resource

Certus Recruitment Australia provides every client with a named Account Director and an Account Manager. Depending on the extent of your requirement, they will call upon further resources needed to ensure delivery for our client.

From a team of sales development representatives (SDR’s) to an entire marketing team, from a single project manager to a team of contract developers Certus Recruitment Australia will deliver you the best talent in the shortest time, every time.

Everything you need!

A great recruitment project is supported by sound HR processes and great marketing collateral. Certus Recruitment Australia can also help you build and create fantastic assets that will contribute to your ability to attract great talent both now and in the future. Further, we can help with advice on This can include:

Recruitment Marketing:

  • Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

  • Benefits Documentation

  • ‘Working at’ collateral including video testimonials with existing staff

  • Assessment of online attraction – Linkedin, Careers section on website, Glassdoor and Google review management etc

HR Support:

  • Creation of contracts of employment

  • Creation of employee handbook

  • Recommendation on HR and Employee Management systems

  • Other HR support as requested

If your business has just or is about to receive funding or is looking for significant growth we‘d love to speak with you. Contact us to arrange a call or meeting during which we can understand more about your current situation and explain how we can support you to grow.

Testimonial for Certus Recruitment Australia
  • ​"Xactly is delighted to be working with Certus. They have been professional and friendly with a fun approach to recruitment, where you really feel like you are important to their business. They helped us understand the differences between hiring in Australia vs the rest of the world and managed to help guide us through the process; as well as operating across global time zones, offering flexibility to interact outside of traditional working hours. They have shown the capability to work across levels, helping us attract Enterprise BDMs, Commercial Account Executives and an SDRs. Cultural fit is of huge importance to us, Justin, Ben and Adam all demonstrated that they clearly understood out culture and the type of people we want to attract to help grow our business. This resulted in the new employees coming aboard of very high quality. We look forward to partnering with Certus more and more as our business grows."​​

    Managing Director APAC
    Steve Blunt
    Steve Blunt , Xactly Corporation
  • ​Ben was one of the best recruiters I've had the pleasure to work with, he was very diligent in all of his follow-ups and ensured that the recruitment process was professional and as straight forward as possible. All whilst acting with authenticity and integrity!

    Peter De la Harpe
    Peter De la Harpe , Placed Candidate
  • “I wasn’t actively looking for a job when Charlotte from Certus reached out to me for a possible opportunity. Charlotte is a known and reputable Workday recruiter. She was able to explain (and convince) how good the opportunity is for me and my career. I gave it a go and went ahead for an interview. I got the offer in less than a week. The recruitment process was seamless and communication was timely. Overall, I’m very satisfied with how the whole process was carried out and most specially, I’m very happy with the outcome. I believe Charlotte will always have your best interests at heart.”​

    Recently Placed Candidate
  • ​“I wanted to thank you, in addition, for your support. Working with Charlotte Schmidt has been a pleasure, she was hardworking and focused for the duration of the campaign and we couldn't have received the outcome we did without her dedicated and tenacious approach. Charlotte partnered with us, understood the brief and continued to search to find the right skillset within a candidate short market and a tough remuneration range. We are delighted to have our in house WD team now complete.”

    HRIS Manager
    Alison Cash
    Alison Cash , The Salvation Army