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Case Studies

Here we conduct a brief interview with Ben Maher, Senior Sales Recruitment Consultant at Certus Recruitment Australia, who shares his experience of joining and working in our business.

Can you give us your career snapshot to date?

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University and majored in Human Resource Management, Accounting and Business Management. While studying I was managing a restaurant and bar on the Mornington Peninsula and before completing my degree I had secured a full time role working within an internal Human Resources team, before I joined Certus Recruitment Australia as a Recruitment Consultant.

Why did you choose recruitment?

While working within an internal human resources team, the aspect of the role I enjoyed most was recruitment. It therefore made sense to pursue an opportunity within Recruitment and the opportunity with Certus was too good to resist. Having had experience of how hard it is to find high calibre people and its impact on my organisation if we didn't, I wanted to learn first hand how it can be done on a much larger scale across a wider client base. Of course, the ability to work in an amazing team and make great money while doing it was an added bonus!

Why did you choose to join Certus?

The difference between Certus and other companies I met with was quite clear. The first reason that comes to mind is “Quality”. Their values (Passion, Energy, Commitment, Integrity and Fun) resounded with me and it was evident this would contribute to the provision of a higher quality service to BOTH candidates and clients who are each viewed with equal importance. The ambition of the Australian business was really important, being someone that is ambitious I was attracted to what Adam and Justin had planned for the Australia and global business and from there it was an easy decision to choose Certus.

Can you describe the on boarding process and subsequent training?

The onboarding and training was quite thorough, a mix of classroom and “on the phone” style training was really beneficial over a 4 week period. Without any previous experience on the client side or having 'pitched' the service of a recruiter to a client, the training helped me fast track that process. Many of the initial “foundation” processes I was taught I still carry and implement on a daily basis which ensures I am providing a high quality service to both my clients and candidates.

Have you been successful?

I have been quite fortunate in my time at Certus to build some great relationships with a number of new clients and, so far, I've achieved all key objectives in my first year. Being able to make my first placement into my own client within 3 months was definitely a highlight and being promoted to a Senior Consultant within 6 months was quite significant. More than anything, Certus have allowed me to understand the technology market throughout ANZ much better, being able to connect with different stakeholders and improve the company brand is something I take great pride in.

What do you love most about working here?

The energy and focus means I keep busy and definitely makes things more enjoyable. I personally prefer a busy role where my input directly influences my success. Working in a positive and uplifting environment with a great team culture also promotes that success and provides great support when it's needed. Ultimately, I'm encouraged to come up with my own ideas and am given the space and freedom to try them.

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